Absolute Texxas Spring Formal

With another semester down, Absolute Texxas marked the end of the school year by trekking to San Marcos to celebrate our Spring Formal. To begin our weekend, a combination of 108 members and dates braved the roaring rapids of San Marcos’ meandering river. The day could not have been more perfect; 11069497_10203966441268252_4339221955079391302_nthe sky was marked by radiant rays of sunshine, and not a single cloud blemished the glorious day.

Upon exiting the river, we ventured back to our hotel to prepare for dinner and our superlative awards. In the San Antonio room of our hotel, with plates loaded with burgers, chips, and delicious sweets, awards were doled out. A wide range of awards – 48 in total – were issued, ranging from Best Smile to Best Dancer to the highly sought after Mr. and Ms. Absolute Texxas.

The night cap proved stressful, but with Conor and Jamie’s uncanny adaptability, our Formal was successfully steered back home sweet home to 10406817_889077494472160_830435574512232550_nATX, where we had the pleasure of ending the night at Old School Bar and Grill.

All-in-all, the night was a tremendous success. Absolute Texxas would like to thank Conor Patterson and Jamie Kubelka for a job exceptionally done this semester. We cannot wait to see how Maddie Hussing and Cameron Miller succeed them in the fall. To all our members and all of our readers, have a wonderful summer, and we will see you come August!



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