2015 Family of the Year

With our spring semester now in the books, it is now time to release the final standings for our highly sought after Family of the Year award. This semester, the EB employed a more defined point system and provided the general membership with periodic updates as to the standings. In this way, this semester’s competition became the most heated and most compelling family competition in recent memory.Untitled design-3 The point system was skewed in such a way that points were mostly available to be earned at the beginning of the semester or at the end of the semester, with few points to be gained over the middle months of the spring. Key point opportunities in the early-going of the semester included the following: Family Olympics, the Family Change Drive, and Family Competition February. The Aristocrats rushed to an early lead, pulling off a victory in the Family Olympics for the third consecutive year, registering 25 points towards Family of the Year with a commanding victory in the contest. Next came the Family Change Drive, where Absolute Texxas contributed change towards our philanthropy, St. Jude’s. In this contest, two familes – Adachi and the Aristocrats – constituted three-quarters of the total contribution. In the end, though, Adachi pulled out the victory due to substantial contributions from MVPs Steele Haspel and Curtis Herges. At this point in the semester, the standings were as follows:

  • Aristocrats: 35
  • Adachi: 25
  • Atlas: 15
  • Sinclair: 5

Next, we completed our Family Competition month, in which each family hosted an event for rival members. Although all of these events were excellent, Atlas pulled off the victory due to a gutsy effort and stunning creativity by Atlas family dad and bearded wonder, Ahmad Nassif. After difficult voting and much deliberating, Atlas was deemed the winner of the Family Competition, with Adachi, Aristocrats, and Sinclair following them in the final standings.   This left the Aristocrats in the lead, with both Adachi and Atlas hot on their heels. Several months went by with no significant point swings. However, once the calendar rolled over to May, the Family of the Semester began to receive some clarity. Essentially, the difference between the Aristocrats, Adachi, and Atlas could be summed into two categories: top credit earner of the family as well as credits per family member. Even so, the margin of victory – and of defeat – was razor thin. The top credit earners of each family were as follows: Megan Lenz of Adachi, Daniel Thompson of Aristocrats, Charlotte Wright of Atlas, and Duffy Watson of Sinclair. Each of these members gained north of 18 credits, an incredible number considering the other activities in which each of these members partakes. However, Megan came in first, Duffy followed her, then came Charlotte and Daniel. Therefore, Adachi pulled into a tie with the Aristocrats for first place, with Adachi within 10 points of the heralded trophy. That left us with one final calculation to make to determine the final standings: credits per family member. The winner of these final points, if that winner were Atlas, Adachi, or the Aristocrats, would surely achieve the crown of Family of the Year. Without further ado, here are the final results: Family of the Year Credits per family member was, indeed, the swing necessary to win the title. Adachi had the most credits per member, followed by Sinclair, the Aristocrats, and, finally, Atlas. Congratulations to Adachi for their victory, we look forwards to re-commencing the competition come the fall.


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