Julia Jets Around

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining us for the second installment of our “Where are we AT?” series, featuring our very own Julia Aijkens. Julia has been spending her summer studying in Dubai, Barcelona and The Netherlands. So rid yourself of the Monday blues and live vicariously through Julia’s travels!

1. What city/country(s) are you trave11391554_10206858830413095_7338494114316769191_nling in this summer?

Dubai/Barcelona/The Netherlands

2. How long will you be there?

Two weeks in Dubai/two weeks in Barcelona/eight weeks in The Netherlands

3. What are you doing there?

Dubai and Barcelona combined was a study abroad program. In The Netherlands, I’m also taking classes but more on my own while visiting family and friends.

4. Why did you decide to go there?

I found about the study abroad opportunity through a brochure I picked up and mentioned it to my parents. After I found out that they were totally supportive, it became an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Dubai and Barcelona were two places I’d never been before.

11693977_10203676943757960_4548406795525119386_n5. What has been your favorite moment of your time abroad so far?

There is no way I could distinguish one favorite moment but hands down the best part has been the people. From all the other students I met on the trip to Dubai and Barcelona, to seeing my family and friends in The Netherlands, and all of the other interesting and kind people in between, they are the ones who have made this trip worth while and so memorable.

6. What’s your biggest takeaway from your travels so far?

The memories I’ve made, and hopefully the memories to come, with the people I’ve been lucky enough to get to know through these travels is for sure my biggest takeaway.

7. Has your time in AT made you more confident in trying new things? 1978848_10153384380983349_3600903592911799001_n

The support I got from fellow members in AT has been unreal. Having the people who surround you be excited about what you’re doing definitely gives you that extra boost of confidence to go out there and explore uncharted territories.

8. What are you most looking forward to when you return?

I’m excited to go back with these new experiences in my pocket and possibly start looking at things in a different way. I also think being away for so long makes you re-appreciate your home and the people in it. Not to mention football season.



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