Nathan Navigates Brazil

On this last day of summer break, we have one final addition to our “Where Are We At?” travel series! This time we’ll be following senior AT member Nathan Fyock. Keep reading to learn a bit more about his time traveling in South America!

1. What city/country(s) are you traveling in this summer?11800140_978725018844722_5831468876659217366_n

All over Brazil and hopefully a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru. 

2. How long will you be there?

8 weeks.

3. What are you doing there?

I’m working as a designer at a Startup company in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

4. Why did you decide to go there?

I’ve wanted to see a different part of the world for a while now, and this opportunity gave me a good excuse to finally do so. Also, Brazil has been putting out some really interesting advertising and design recently, so I wanted to see what was in the water.

5. What has been your favorite moment of your time abroad so far?


6. What’s your biggest takeaway from your travels so far?

11752397_10153144927127479_8421739918061131920_nThere have been several: Living simply is a rewarding way to live. Remember how everyone said “The Hook ‘em Horns hand sign is recognized all over the world”? That wasn’t true. Also (since you’ve given me a soapbox, I will gladly stand on it), being away from the US during so much political and social change has been really interesting. In the month that I’ve been gone, there has been continued documentation of police brutality, the ugly massacre in South Carolina, the debate and (in some cases) actual removal of the Confederate Flag, the passing of equal marriage rights, the approval of a new healthcare system, and Jurassic World to name a few. Following all this (and the reactions to it) from over here has put into perspective just how historic and tumultuous our time is, which is coolscary. From the outside we’re seen as a nation at a crossroads, so there are real opportunities to make an impact right now. Particularly in dinosaur-related cinema.

7. Has your time in AT made you more confident in trying new things?11800143_10204811292981631_8954822539840230217_n

I’ve always been somewhat introverted, so our application process forced me to learn how to find comfort outside of my comfort zone. Since then, my three years in AT have taught me how to find common ground and make fast friends with very different kinds of people. That’s a skill I’ve been able to copy and paste throughout this experience abroad. Thanks, AT!

8. What are you most looking forward to when you return?